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Aihara - "AGITO! SHUT UP!"

Agito - "...f*ck. You're really p*ssin' me off."

Aihara - "Look, if you're gonna be like that then just go home, Agito. But seriously, log in. Or register."

Agito - "......"

Aihara - "......"

Agito - "F*ck it."

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From here on out, we will be broadcasting standing updates here as well as in the marquee at the top of the site. News here will be slightly more...detailed. For example we will answer here some of the questions asked the most. For example:

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What is the setting for this Site?
In order for the site to operate in the same way as the Anime/Manga and still have Kings/Queens, Sleeping Forest/the Trophaeum, and the various Regalias and sub-Regalias, ATRP runs as a parallel universe to the Air Gear Universe.
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PostSubject: Sora Kuuhakuu the King   Sora Kuuhakuu the King Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 5:35 pm

Character Name:
Sora Kuuhaku
Sora Kuuhakuu the King Mizxwy
Sora was born into a regular family, which had nice decent jobs. He was able to live a good and normal life like this, which allowed him to gain friends and everything. He did everything in the books, trying his best not to get himself into trouble and doing good in school. There was person that made him get into trouble and showed him how to have fun. It was his close friend Aki; the two always had something to do while they were in school or out of it.

They were hardly ever separated from each other and as they grew older they began to understand each other. Sora was a B average student. He took his studies to a certain point, but did not try as hard as he could. It was so that he did not stress himself out or become a nerd. Sora would have to thank Aki for that since he had shown him how to live free and have fun the way he had done it. As he got older he began to be a laid back person did the things that did not stress him out.

When it came to work and school if it stressed him out in some part of the day, then he would leave or avoid it for the rest of the day. Sora and Aki would always hang out together and after school was when they had lots of fun. Fighting other people around the school or flirting with girls were what these two guys love to do. They made a name for themselves around high school. Being who they were was a fun thing, but still it had its bad perks.

When the two were not in a mood to fight, they were usually confronted a bunch of times by people that did not like them and had to fight them off. They usually came out of their fights untouched, but sometimes that did not happen. Towards the ending of their high school year the two friend usually ran "errands" for people that they worked for. Aki had went off first since Sora needed to do something for his mother. It was the only reason why Sora did not go with him and it was a bad mistake.

While Sora was walking towards the spot he was suppose to meet up with Aki, he felt like something was off and began to rush towards the spot. When he had got there he had noticed that his friend was getting jumped and everything, so he ran towards them recklessly and began to help his friend out. The guys that were there ran away from Sora and he quickly went to Aki to see if he was okay. His friend was badly injured and he did not know what to do, but call the ambulance.

When he did that he noticed that the bag that he had was still there. He needed to dispose of the bag before any of the authorities got there. Sora did exactly that and when they got there they took Aki to the hospital. Sora quickly got to the hospital and they told him that Aki would be okay, but that he needed to stay in the hospital. Sora was upset about what happen and felt like it was his fault that his friend was like this. Sora did not go to school for the next few days and soon Aki was able to be release from the hospital.

Sora noticed something different about his friend and that was that he was quieter than normal and he began to wear a certain outfit, when they were not in school. Sora had went to an event that he had dragged Aki to. This was the first time he had heard and saw Air Trecks. It was nice what he had saw and found AT to be interesting. That was when he tried them out and found out fun and free they were. It felt like he was able to do anything with them.

He had introduced his friend to Air Treck and the two began to ride their AT. Graduating high school was an easy task for Sora and now he was attending college close to where he live. He was still using his Air Trecks like that was his favorite thing to use. It was actually because it became more like his life than a hobby. Sora is now into his second year in college.
Sora is a laid back person. He cool to do whatever as long as he got something out of it. If Sora gets bored, he tends to get tired and ends up falling a sleep even in the midst of a battle. Sora likes to be serious most of them time because it seems that people respect him when he's like that and they don't bother him like that when he's serious. There is one thing he does not like and that is when people play jokes on him, so in return he does not play jokes on other people.

Sora sweet side usually comes out with the opposite sex. He tends to be extremely nice to them and it seemed like he catches their attention with his looks and his sweet personality. When it comes to the opposite sex he likes to listen to them and he treat them like they are the only thing that matter in the world. This charm of his gets him through a lot of things when it comes to the ladies. With this personality with the ladies, he has a lot of guys who are jealous of him or hate the fact that he catches girls attention.

When it comes to strangers, Sora is a person who will help out random people when ever he feels like it. He will also only help those that never give him a bad look. He also has to be doing nothing to be able to help someone else. If the stranger is someone that he see almost everyday or constantly he will approach them and converse with them. He is an outgoing person, so is usually not afraid to speak to people first.

Now when he's in a fight he blanks out and cares about nothing that is around him. This usually happens when the opponent he is facing someone around his level, hurts the people around him, stronger than him or just absolutely pisses him off. Sora is really smart as he likes to read books that interest him.

He does not care if people around him are bad people or not, he just care whether or not they are like that to him. He will and can be friends with almost anyone just as long as they do not piss him off or make him into an enemy. He feels like life is simple and can be destroy easily and that love is very hard to find in life. When Sora walks around, he walks pretty quickly because he hates to walk slow unless he really has to. He feels like when he walks slow he is going to trip or something.
Everything besides the things he dislikes
Cheaters, Clowns(People who jokes around, not actual clowns), and Haters
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PostSubject: Re: Sora Kuuhakuu the King   Sora Kuuhakuu the King Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 9:44 pm

First things first - welcome to ATRP. Now that that's out of the way, we can start with the heavy shit, if you don't mind my potty-mouth. I'm very much enjoying the influx of non-orphaned characters at the moment. It was getting me down, all these Riders with no parents left. I assume you still have your parents, there was only a short mention of them.

You dislike clowns? Those jubilant jokers-of-the-pack? Oh, you're gonna love this place. You really are. Jokers are dime-a-dozen here, and the people that aren't take themselves far too seriously. Maybe I'm being harsh about the locals, but they know I'm only kidding. Does that make me a clown? Who knows?

Anyway, enough waffling from me.


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