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     Aki Menasu aka Nemesis Q

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    PostSubject: Aki Menasu aka Nemesis Q   Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:04 am

    Character Name:Aki Menasu Aka Nemesis Q

    He has a thin athletic build to him. His skin is a fairly light Caucasian. His hairy is a snowy white that hangs down passed his eyes. His right eye is blue while his left one is all white. He is not blind but it may hold a deeper meaning. He wears white pants accompanied by a blue/black shirt that hangs down passed his butt and tends to always be open. On his feet he wears white socks and white shoes. On his neck he wear black and white checkered tie that is just wrapped around once and not worn like an actual tie should be. A white eye path with two bands stretching across to cover his left eye. Six black bands on his right wrist/forearm.

    Nemesis Q Clothing:
    White pants. Long white coat that goes to his feet which has fur lining around the bottom and neck.. White Gloves. White pointed shoes. A black mask that covers his entire head with a white helm that covers the upper half of his head. The black reaches down to the back of his knees like a tail. It is metal and he has learned to use it like a weapon and tool. The helm distorts his voice a bit to further hide his identity. Under his jacket is a long white shirt.
    Akis family was a pretty normal family that he was born into. They weren't rich but they weren't poor. They had a pretty solid home in a decent neighborhood that allowed him to live an easy life and give him an easy time to make friends. Unlike other students he spent majority of his time focusing more on having fun which usually involved getting into trouble with his best friend Sora.

    He and Sora were hardly ever seen without the other. Growing up together, Sora became a brother Aki and knew him better than anyone else, and Sora knew him as well. When it came to schooling he pretty much a C average. He felt a little bad at causing Soras grades to stay at a B average but he knew that Sora would rather hang out together and enjoy life, rather than focusing on books and letting life pass him bye.

    Together with Sora they became known as delinquents around the school. However they were only considered that due to the fact that they got into fights......a lot. This usually happened because bullies would piss them off......or because Aki would hit on somebodys girlfriend. It was a good life and they enjoyed it to the fullest. However their way of life came with a few drawbacks that would come to bite them in the future.

    Fights began to spring up with them a lot more and they were usually when Aki and Sora didn't feel like fighting and just wanted to relax. Usually nobody could even touch them in a fight and they got away perfect fine and unscathed. This wasn't always how it went down and Aki spent many a night nursing bruises or broken ribs. Aki along with Sora began doing jobs towards the end of their senior year, running "errands" for some shady guys that they worked for. It was easy work and paid pretty well, plus his fighting skills never got rusty. However they ALWAYS did it in Teams, never alone. However on one job Aki went ahead by himself because Sora had an important task to do for his mom and he would catch up. This would be the day things went wrong.

    As he approached the spot where he would wait for Sora a group of people stepped out of the shadows and surrounded him. They were adults and quite serious looking men. After exchanging words, the fight broke out. The first blow came on the left, sending him to the ground. The men were on him instantly and began pounding away at him. He was able to get to his feet and fight back. He got a few hits in and broke one of their jaws. Next thing he knew the back of his head exploded in pain as one of them hit him with a wooden bat. He stumbled right into the knife of the man whos jaw he broke. He fell to the ground in pain and the men continued wailing on him. It was until they looked off to the side and then ran off. Aki couldn't figure out why as his senses were failing him. The last thing he saw was the very shocked and worried face of his best friend Sora before blacking out.

    He awoke in the hospital a week later to Sora at his side. The doctors informed him that he had almost died and was very lucky. He didn't talk to anyone and grew quiet. One night he was lying in the hospital when he came to him. He called himself Q and he was there Aki. Q was an alternate personality developed by his mind in order to help him cope with what he went through. Q would listen to Aki, to all his pain and anger. He was there to help get Aki back into the world. However from then on Aki was very quiet. With the help of Q he made an outfit that he would wear when he wasn't in school. He wore it 80 percent of the time. It was his way of dealing with the world. And even though he was quieter and wore the outfit Sora acted as if nothing was different and treated him the same.

    One day Sora came up to him with a pair of Air Treks and introduced him the world of StormRiders. At first he wasn't going to but a combined effort between Q and Sora caused him to start trying it, and he loved it. With his outfit and his new love for A-T he took on the Persona of Nemesis Q. He would use it when A-T riding and when he wasn't he would usually wear normal clothes. He was still quiet but this made him more like his old self. Using his skills he developed in the shop class he decided to take in college, combined with his Science skills he devloped a method of using the Rising Road by creating Small alternators hidden throughout his normal and Nemesis Q clothes. When activated they generate electriticity that allow him to manipulate Electromagnetic Fields and all of the other ablilites of the Rising Road.
    Aki was normally outgoing and a pretty fun guy. He flirts and fights and has a good time. Although after his assualt he began quieter and not really as outspoken as before. However with his love for A-T has done a bit of a divide on his personality. When out and about he is more quiet and reserved. But when he wears his Nemesis Q gear he becomes more like how he used to be.
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    Aki Menasu aka Nemesis Q
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