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     Castiel Kyosou

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    PostSubject: Castiel Kyosou   Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:30 pm

    Character Name: Castiel Kyosou
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Castiel is a 14 years old boy that weighs 110 pounds and is 5 feet 2 inches. He has a very light brown hair color and thin eye brows. His hair has a nice shine to it, because it naturally has a very soft and smooth feel and look to. It looks like it is brushed down and slightly covers his face. His hair in general is very lovely and is about 7 and half inches long. His hair is usually only like this when it is in a bright or light lit area. But when it is in a shady or dark area his hair appears to be that of a very light gray color. Also because his hair is so soft and smooth when it is wet it still looks about the same except it looks allot more better and has an even better feel and look to it.

    When the wind or a breeze of wind some might say hits his hair, it will start to flow very beautiful in the wind because his hair is so light, and it has a very majestic and lovely look to it. Even though his hair is very soft and smooth his hair is very sturdy so if someone where to grab his hair it would not fall out. This has been said to be one of the best and most lovely quality's of Cas's appearance as well as his eyes. Cas's eyes are very similar to his hair in a light or bright area they are very light brown and in a dark or shady area they are light gray much like his hair they have a certain shine to them or glimmer as some might say. Cas's vision is very good much like his personality his eyes as well as his facial expression which is usually a smile show that he is open to new things and a fun loving spirit as well as very kind and hopeful. Castiel's Musami Stone is located on his heart giving him the skills to handle and control the great electrical energy housed in a Musami, they have a genetic defect that has evolved into their greatest asset. His Stone is in the center and one every few years has one in their heart that makes their system identical to a normal one.

    Castiel is a Asian male with like most Asian males he has a white skin complexion. He has a very slim and a small muscular build, he actually has a small 4 pack despite his kind nature and cute looks he is very strong for his age due to the fact that his dad is a TaeKwonDo instructor and Castiel spent allot of his spare time training with him. Thus recently earning himself a black belt. Cas is a very will dressed and privileged boy and because of this he wears a very nice buttoned up silk and cotton shirt. The shirt is white and is a long sleeved and is folded back two times at the bottom of the shirts sleeves. The collar is like any normal collar and is folded down to the side.

    The top two buttons are left open showing a little bit of his chest. He sometimes wears a brown coat when it is two cold outside which it usually is when he is at his dad's house since his mom and dad are divorced and since his mom lives on the sunny area of Japan and his dad lives in the cold area. His coat is very light but keeps him warm and lets air circulate if he has it on when it is hot outside so it wont really effect him. The jacket like him is very special and has the same effect of his hair. His grandma made this coat for him and usually updates it every year for his birthday to keep it up to style and to keep it nice and fitted for him. When it is in a light area the coat is brown but when it is in a dark area the coat is light gray .The coats top part or collar area is very unique and is actually down where his chest is an leaves his shirt collar visible but it still keeps him
    warm where the shirt is open thanks to the special silk and cotton that
    is mixed in with the coats leather.

    Cas has very strong legs and his legs are like most skinny 14 years old's, except Cas has some strong calf muscles for his age. Cas despite his age likes to wear plain one whole colored boxers (All blue boxers for instance). He most likely gets this from his dad. Since he spends less time with him then he does with his mother, and wants to be like him when grows up. The pants Cas wears are brown colored khaki dress pants, slacks. The pants are very comfortable and are just like his coat. His grandma made almost all of his cloths since she is a famous fashion designer.

    The pants he wears are at least 1 inch away from his body. Making them baggy but not as to where they would fall off, or stop him from moving around as much as he wants to. The pants are also made of silk and cotton making them very comfortable. The shoes he wears are the same as the rest of his cloths. They are brown in a light area and in a dark area they are a light gray type color. The are made of silk Cotton and leather. They fit his feet very well and also leave enough room for his feet to grow at least 2 and half more inches.

    Cas also has a pair of goggles and a hat that he wears. His hat looks allot like a that of a painters hat mixed with a Bomber Hat. It Is just like his pants, hair, eyes, shoes and jacket. And as such is made from the same materiel. It also circulates cool or warm air inside encase it is hot or cold outside. The hat is very special to him and as such he always takes care of it. Not only that but he keeps a pair of brown goggles on that where giving to him by his mom. The hat and the goggles were both things his grandma gave to his father and mother when his mom and dad got married. And when they got divorced it was passed down to Cas himself and as such he treasures it, and it reminds him of a time when his parents where together and gives him hope that one day they might get back together.
    Parents Arc:
    Castiel's parent both met and fell in love at a young age. His dads name was Ryohei Kyosou and his mother Suki Musami. His dad was always a kind man and a very strong one as well with him being the best person in the TaeKwonDo in school as well as a Air Treck Rider who used his incredible TaekwonDo skills to his advantage. His mom was always a lovely, well mannered and gentle women, and they both still are. Suki's mother was a famous fashion designer and her dad was a business man that owned many fashion company's they moved around allot and took many trips and missions but would always come back to the city and would do Air-Treck training when she left. On her trips Suki wold learn many new things cooking being her favorite and she would learn many different languages, as well as practice and improve her Air-Treck skills. Ryohei was the child of a TaeKwonDo master and a stay at home mom. His dad had taught him TaeKwonDo since he was a little kid as well as how to be a man and stick up for what you believe in and the person you love. And his mom had taught him manners and how to be a gentlemen. Ryohei was a very hopeful man he believed he could do anything as long as he had hope. And Suki mom was very determined in everything and anything she did.

    Then during there third year of being a ninja Ryohei and Suki met for the 1st time. It was love at first sight. They where always around each other always happy with each other, dancing, going on multiple dates, studying, cooking for each other. It was almost like they where the perfect couple and where already married. After there many Air-Treck sessions and races together they both went to different places to do Air-Treck. Ryohei stayed and went to a very mountain. They kept in touch with each other and visited each other on the holidays or on there brakes no matter what. They waited for each other for 4 and half years and finally where reunited. After which they got married and resigned from being ninjas but still kept in touch. Ryohei opened up a very good and well known TaeKwonDo Dojo and Suki opened up a very lovely restaurant which is known greatly got its delicious international food. After becoming very successful at the ages of only 28 and 29 they got married. As a special gift Suki's mother had went, found and edited a fabric then making it into a special hat for Ryohei that matched his hair since he loved wearing and collecting hats as well as some goggles for Suki since she always went swimming with Ryohei.

    A few months later Suki found out she was pregnant, both her and Ryohei where extremely happy. They didn't want to know the baby's sex so they could be even more special when Suki gave birth to him or her. So they got the doctors to keep it a surprise. Suki's mother even designed some cloths for the baby. 9 months later, on January 23 the day of there honeymoon. They honeymoon took place on a very lovely cruise ship where about to leave shore when Suki's water broke and they where rushed to the hospital. After Suki gave birth to Castiel, both Ryohei and Suki said it was the happiest day of there live.

    Child Hood Arc:

    As a child Cas studied TaeKwonDo. Eventually after becoming a black belt in TeaKwonDo he heard of Air-Treck that his parents had told him called flames road. After asking his parents about it they gave him some skates as well as taught him how to use them. As he studied and studied it took him years to get the basics down. He still hasn't master it but he isn't bad with it either. As he got older his parents love for each other slowly drifted apart and Castiel noticed it.

    A year after there love for each other started drifting apart they started getting into arguments. Eventually they divorced each other.

    Air-Treck Arc:

    Castiel torn by his parents divorce went into a deep depression for a little while but he always had hope that they would get back together and he still dose. As he began moving from house to house learning Air-Treck and TeaKwonDo as well as cooking he grew smarter and stronger. After a while he got use to his parents being divorced and the depression went away. A few years passed Castiel parents quit Air-Treck and he has been doing it for quite some time, Castiel loves feeling the wind threw his hair and going fast. His parents don't really want him racing and stuff but it doesn't matter to him as long as he can fly.

    Personality: Cas is usually very happy. And has always been happy most of his life. When he is really happy he usually smiles allot or he will act kind of childish. Even thought he is a child for him to act childish most of the time can sometimes be rare, since he is serious most of the time. Always focusing always trying to figure something out always trying to become better at everything he does or knows, or trying to do something amazing. Cas is also a very loving child and a very polite person as well. When he is showing affection he seems to either flying tackle hug them or ;glomp; as some might say people, or he will simply give them there space and smile allot and try to do something nice for them. Depending on the people and who they are as well as how much he knows them.

    Castiel has always been that of a hopeful child even when his parents would argue, scream or when he would get sad he would always have hope. The way he thinks or acts is all because he has hope that whenever something happend that was bad or something wrong happened as long as he had hope it will get better. It didn't' always but most of the time it did and when it did it would always cheer Cas up. To Cas hope is one of the most important things a person can have and is what makes a person who they are. He believes that as long as you have enough hope you can accomplish anything. Also he believes that if a person doesn't have hope then he can not win or succeed in almost everything and in anything. He believes that people strive on hope because with hope it pushes you to do something better or become something better. And that to not have hope means that you are nothing that you do not desire anything, you do not wish to become anything and that you will never be anything to him not to have hope means that you are empty inside and that you are nothing but a cruel person or a heartless bastard as some might say.

    Like any other kid Cas still gets angry sometimes. Castiel is a very privileged child, having a TaeKwonDo instructing dad, a mom wit her own restaurant as well as her being the head Sheff with her own cooking books and his grandma being a cloths designer. He got almost everything he wanted. So it was never really a good reason for him to be mad or"angry" but when he did he would usually just scream or cry or hit something or someone. And to cool down he would count to ten in his head and try to remember back to when he was a kid and his parents where still together. Usually the only times Cas got angry was when he would be forced to defend himself against children older then him that would pick on him because he was so privileged and they where jealous. He hated getting into unnecessary fights especially when it was with bully's who had nothing better do with there time. Or he when people would talk about his friends or family.

    He also hates when people say theirs no such thing as hope or people say there isn't any hope. (The hope stuff was explained above.) Also like any other kid Cas also gets sad. But the only time Castiel gets sad is when people pick on him or he feels useless in a situation. Or when his parents argue in front of him. As well as when he cant do what he set out to do or achieve his goals. Then he usually sticks his chest out and hopes for the better and tells himself "As long as i have enough hope i can anything. And then he will fill allot better. Like all people Cas has goals even if he is only 13 years old. Casteil's goals are to become a great chief like his mom, a TaeKwonDo champion and to grow up and be a powerful ninja and have a loving family. Like everyone Castiel also has likes and dislikes.

    Catch Phrase:
    "Your not a very nice person are you?"
    'I still have hope!"
    "Can you keep up?"
    "Ohhhh, that's so cool!"
    "There will always be light and dark in this world, but eventually the light will go away, and everything will fade to black."
    "My Flame Burns Bright!"
    "Your not that good are you?"
    "From the black comes a new light and a new and a new world."
    He also likes to say "~Mu Nay" at the end of his sentences sometimes.
    "The wind it feels so nice today..."

    Likes: Air-Treck's, Going Fast, Beautiful Fires, Soaring, Living Life To The Fullest, Hopping, He likes cooking, TaeKwonDo, fishing with his dad, Swimming, jumping, climbing, hiking, emailing his friends and playing with his friends, he loves playing the Digimon card game and is very good at it, he also likes Dango, pocky, ramen, dumplings, and Pink Lemonade.
    Dislikes: His dislikes include things like mean people, people that don't have any hope or don't believe in it.
    Road: Flames Road
    Team: Dead Air

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    PostSubject: Re: Castiel Kyosou   Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:10 pm

    Granted that it is definitely long enough and you seem to have filled all the necessary fields.

    But [points at the last line] I'll leave this to Ai-sama. You have my approval though.

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    PostSubject: Re: Castiel Kyosou   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:47 pm

    Approved. Welcome to DA. You may now begin your RP experience.

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    PostSubject: Re: Castiel Kyosou   

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    Castiel Kyosou
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