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Agito - "......"

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 Roukostu Akane Wolffang

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F-Class Rider

Team/Position : Frozen Mist
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Age: 18

PostSubject: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:55 am

Character Name: Roukostu Akane Wolffang
Age: 18 years old
Gender: female
Appearance: Roukostu even though female, reigns about a height of "5'9" even though tall for her age, the tallness in her family runs very deep, she weights roughly about 143 lbs. She's very slender, but has enough muscle mass to protect herself, Roukostu's facial appearance are quite unique in their own way, she has what looks like a blue and separated yin and yang sign going sideways from each other, her eyes are also blood red, which is topped off with blood red hair. Roukostu does have a scar on her right arm though, an accident from when she was a child. She has tan skin, which is very interesting considering her personality, but most of all Roukostu if very athletic. Due to her history though, she wears a wig and mask, she also wears a prosthetic skin over her chest, which she had to bandage since her chest is about 27.9 cm. Roukostu wears tight black clothing, she also has black military looking boots with heels, but within the soles of those boots are hidden knives on the frontal and back ends, making it to ensure she'll have better hand in close combat. She wears a cross sword necklace with a skull in the middle, the blade is literally made sharp in case of emergencies, or to get herself out of a sticky situation, she wears a bracelet, and she also has six tattoos, left leg: fox, right leg: white snake, left arm: Bengal tiger, right arm: silver wolf, and finally two on the back: Phoenix(large) and Gothic writing in Latin: Omnia Vincit Amor(meaning Love Conquers All).

History: Roukostu grew up in a normal home with a normal family, when she was about 6 years old she and her twin brother Seth, lost their family, they were adopted by a family, seeing that both twins did not wish to be separated they had no choice but to do so, both Seth and Roukostu grew up with each other, never wanting to be separated. Roukostu never owned AT's when they grew older, but Seth did, when he was old enough to use his own AT's and he decided to go into parts wars, but he never had his own team and would battle other teams by himself, and he would only challenge the leader on a one on one match. Everything turned out fine until one day he never actually returned from a parts battle. This happened when both twins were 17, so a year ago when Roukostu had found out her brother had died in a parts war, it was completely by accident, but it was due to the parts war that he was killed, many still think he's dead, but Roukostu not wanting anyone to take her brother's AT's which was created by him after long periods of time when he first got them, which was about when they were 15 years old.

Yet again, by not wanting someone else take her brother's AT's, she took them instead, including his own appearance as well, she did however give him a proper burial, the only people who actually know what happened to her brother and what she has done, is her family and Seth's childhood friend Ian, though he never seems to come by anymore. Now Roukostu wears a mask, a wig, and prosthetic skin in order for herself to look like her brother and carry on his legacy. When Roukostu started using the AT's she wasn't at all good at them, but the more time she spent outside using them the more gotten better at using them, unfortunately for some who didn't know about the twins is that Roukostu actually suffers from a weak heart, but others don't know this because they never been around Seth long enough to know him, not only that Roukostu has never been seen using AT's before. The heart doesn't at all hurt her that much, but that means she can't be in very serious battles...that could and most potential cost her her life, but after a year or so, when she was actually 17, was when she was able to finally get a heart transplant, she's still getting used to the heart, even though it was a year ago. If someone were to hit her near her heart, or her chest, she would immediately feel that pain, and a good chance that she might actually have to be taken out of battle if that is to continue with either the pain, or the enemy keeps trying to go for that spot.

Personality: Roukostu to some people is a quite mouse, but she actually isn't, if she's truly close to someone, she does come out of her shell, and most unexpectedly start to bother the person in playing games with her. In most cases she isn't someone that doesn't care if someone isn't on her side, she no matter if it be friend or foe, will always try to help them, it's still unknown to others except for those who are close to her one why she does this, but for Roukostu it means everything, she is usually the kind of person that asks someone if they are alright, if they are ever feeling down, she tries her best to help.
Likes: kiwis
Dislikes: meat(she gets sick when eating it)
Road: Destiny Road(will explain more on the request)
Team: Frozen Mist

Last edited by Roukostu on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:06 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Wind King

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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:49 am

Lengthen History, at least a little. More details or something because the general rule is that the length of your appearance plus the length of your personality should be half the length of your History.

In other words, just expand History and please only bold the title headers, not the entire body.

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Wind King

Team/Position : Leader of Dead Air, Member of Sleeping Forest, Ex-T3
Road : Wing Road
Posts : 159
Age : 27
Join date : 2009-12-15

READ: 100
Age: 20

PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:56 pm

Eh, looks good enough. In light of the fact that Hironozuka won't be on until sometime on the morrow. I approve your character. Whether he allows you into FM is up to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   

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Roukostu Akane Wolffang
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