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Agito - "......"

Aihara - "......"

Agito - "F*ck it."

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    What is the setting for this Site?
    In order for the site to operate in the same way as the Anime/Manga and still have Kings/Queens, Sleeping Forest/the Trophaeum, and the various Regalias and sub-Regalias, ATRP runs as a parallel universe to the Air Gear Universe.
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     Yurine Spiders

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    PostSubject: Yurine Spiders   Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:56 am

    Character Name: Yurine Spiders (mostly been called Spiders all her life so that's what she answers to)
    Age: 24
    Yurine was never the the one who wears normal clothes even when she was on her AT she was always trying to make sure that she was doing what she did wanted she was always wearing what she wanted to wear not what people tells her what to wear. Hence her nickname Spiders since that's all people call her.
    History: When Yurine was five years old she was taken for granted she was called Spiders since her last name is that she was always had a liked for them it was unhealthy liking, but it came with a price people starting to be not kind to her. She was always having troubles of fitting in.

    Her father Nathaniel Spiders died when she was four, and then her mother died at childbirth so she was living with her cousins for years now.

    She was hated by her aunt even so she had to live alone in the big mansion all by herself this happened when she was fifteen. So, for another years she was living by herself then she hit to be twenty-four she lived alone for years without any companionship.

    She was always been teh enter of the Spiders family she was never wanted anything to do. She was trying to make sure that she does what she did before. She just lived her twenty-four years of her life being rich. She never did anything to deserve the scar she gotten on her left shoulder. She was always have that same scar on her left shoulder while a birthmark in the shape of a tattoo on the same arm. She just wanted to make sure that she doesn't do anything that she doesn't want to do damaged the Spiders name.

    Personality: Yurine is sweet, and caring she does the best of the people she wanted to make sure that nothing would hurt anyone. She just wanted to make sure that she would get to help others she wanted to be very good to them. She even hates people when they are mean to her. She just seem more like a mysterious person that nobody would want to be around others. She just loved the fact that she is trying to do what she wants.
    Likes: friends, people, nighttime, being around others, and being very much out of the center of the attention
    Dislikes: sun but she will stand in it (don't ask why though she never tells), meat, being in the center of attention being around others if they annoy her
    Road: Ring road
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    Aihara Kanezane
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    PostSubject: Re: Yurine Spiders   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:09 pm

    SPIDERS! Welcome to ATRP!

    You seem to have missed out posting your Intro thread and gone straight in for your Character. I don't mind this, so long as you do post an intro thread for people to welcome you (although if you're that adverse to being in the spotlight I can understand if you don't).

    Nicely written (I do love a troubled ATer), interesting to see a new tuner on the block.

    Spiders, your character has been:


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    Yurine Spiders
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