Agito - "F*ck! You haven't logged in yet! DO IT NOW!"

Aihara - "AGITO! SHUT UP!"

Agito - "...f*ck. You're really p*ssin' me off."

Aihara - "Look, if you're gonna be like that then just go home, Agito. But seriously, log in. Or register."

Agito - "......"

Aihara - "......"

Agito - "F*ck it."

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In order for the site to operate in the same way as the Anime/Manga and still have Kings/Queens, Sleeping Forest/the Trophaeum, and the various Regalias and sub-Regalias, ATRP runs as a parallel universe to the Air Gear Universe.
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 Aihara Kanezane, Fang King

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Aihara Kanezane
Fang King
Aihara Kanezane

Team/Position : Leader of The Order; Sleeping Forest's Waiting Deputy
Road : Bloody Road
Posts : 170
Age : 32
Join date : 2009-09-25
Location : City Hospital

READ: 118
Age: 24

Aihara Kanezane, Fang King Empty
PostSubject: Aihara Kanezane, Fang King   Aihara Kanezane, Fang King Icon_minitimeWed Sep 30, 2009 11:15 pm

Character Name: Aihara Kanezane

Age: 23

Aihara is never without a tie and waistcoat, even while riding on his ATs (which one of his aides humorously nicknamed the Batshoes. This was met by a vicious beating and a lengthy rehabilitation process). The dark circles under his eyes comes from the lack of sleep from combining his day job of running the city's main hospital and his hobby of riding ATs.

History: Five years ago Aihara's father (the man in charge of City Hospital at the time) was involved in a highly-publicized fraud scandal, as Aihara was working his way through a private school studying medicine, physics and genetics. Aihara Mikano was found guilty of fraud and was sentanced to 10 yrs in jail. Kanezane continued through hardship to qualify and eventually rises to take his father's place in the hospital hierachy.
After 6 months, Aihara noticed the increasing number of AT accidents admitted into his hospital, and to combat this he created an AT team to release some of his own aggression and as a new challenge for his dulling mind. Aihara's first team, Crimson Cross, was defeated by the ex-Fang King; Hachigen Kommiku. Crimson Cross' emblem was lost, and the team disbanded. Aihara's second team, The Order, was far more intuitive and schemingfrom the start, realising that riding ATs was far more than child's play.
Based in the hospital itself, The Order originally consisted of six members of the directors board with nothing better to do with their time. Working their way through the Parts War classes until they could compete with Aihara's rival, The Order eventually challenged Hachigen's team in a Parts War battle, The Order betting their Emblem and Hachigen betting his Fang Regalia. Despite the overwhelming odds, The Order won, winning Aihara the Bloody Armor and title of Fang King.

Personality: Generally stoic and cold, intuitive and calculating, but when the ATs come out, so does the temper. But still never does the temper lose control; Aihara knows too well when to use his brain, and he will never be as stupid as his father to take other people's intelligence for granted.

Likes: Noodles, belltowers, sake, suits.

Dislikes: White stains, battery acid, sushi, dirty shoes.

Road: Bloody Road

Aihara Kanezane, Fang King AiharaSig2copy
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Aihara Kanezane, Fang King
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