Agito - "F*ck! You haven't logged in yet! DO IT NOW!"

Aihara - "AGITO! SHUT UP!"

Agito - "...f*ck. You're really p*ssin' me off."

Aihara - "Look, if you're gonna be like that then just go home, Agito. But seriously, log in. Or register."

Agito - "......"

Aihara - "......"

Agito - "F*ck it."

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From here on out, we will be broadcasting standing updates here as well as in the marquee at the top of the site. News here will be slightly more...detailed. For example we will answer here some of the questions asked the most. For example:

Which Teams are looking for members?
All of them, generally. Currently the leaders of The Order and Dead Air (Aihara and Karasu respectively) are the most active and can get to you the fastest, in other words you're more likely to be in a team sooner.

Can I be a King?
Not immediately no. Prove yourself to the Administration Team and/or Sleeping Forest and we'll take it under consideration.

When can I start and where? Also what rank am I when I start?
You can start as soon as your character is approved, pretty easy. You can RP where ever unless you're told it's off-limits by a mod or the area's description, so read carefully. Oh, and unless the topic is marked OPEN, you have to get permission from the topic creator to join via PM or on the CB. And you're F-Class normally, the lowest unless we say otherwise. For now everyone who joins will just be F-Class and we'll work on ranks once we get more members.

What is the setting for this Site?
In order for the site to operate in the same way as the Anime/Manga and still have Kings/Queens, Sleeping Forest/the Trophaeum, and the various Regalias and sub-Regalias, ATRP runs as a parallel universe to the Air Gear Universe.
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 Fon Sen Fan -WIP-

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Fon Sen Fan -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: Fon Sen Fan -WIP-   Fon Sen Fan -WIP- Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 4:01 pm

Character Name: Fon Sen Fan

Age: 17

He has short, spiky black hair that he never brushes do to lazyness. He has icy blue eyes that look as if he is looking through you. He has a scar under his right eye from when he was younger and got into an accident with a bear. He wears a necklace shaped like a heart with a diamond in the center of it.
Fon wears a black t-shirt with a blue skull on the right sleeve and a number 64 on the left sleeve. On the back of the t-shirt, he has a dragon, blue in color. Fon has a pare of cargo pants that are blue and black in color, that goes below his knees. He has a black belt like item leading from his back pocket to his front right pocket. He has black shoes with light blue laces. Sometimes, Fon can be seen wearing black, loose pants and a light blue t-shirt.

History: Early life, reasons for starting ATs, etc.
As a child, Fon wondered what it would be like to skate. However, due to his age, he wasn't able to due to the risk of hurting himself severly. He got this inspiration from his older brother who skated all the time and taught Fon how to skate using the basics. Fon looked up to his brother. One day, his brother mysteriously disappeared with his skates sitting in Fon's room. Fon was saddened by this, but decided to use his brothers skates as soon as he was old enough to skate.
Months passed, and Fon did his school work and did everything he was supposed to until the day he was able to use his brothers AT's. He was inspired by all the other riders and decided that he would train and become a better skater.

[I hope this is good enough for now]

a laid back and flamboyant man, and he is rarely seen without a smile on his lips. tends to use a more familiar speech style than most other characters. He generally refers to his superiors by their first name followed by an honorific. He is a peace-loving man who will always try to talk his way out of a fight, though he doesn't wish to insult opponents by refusing to fight. He also dislikes taking the life of innocent people. Though Fon tries to talk his way out of a fight, he does insist on fighting when the situation is grave. When around others, Fon displays a lovely appearance. He is loved by many and doesn't like to be disliked by others.

Likes: Skating, Reading, Writing, Listening to Music, and Drawing

Dislikes: Skateboarding, Work

Road: Currently Undecided
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Aihara Kanezane

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PostSubject: Re: Fon Sen Fan -WIP-   Fon Sen Fan -WIP- Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 5:14 pm

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.

My how you've improved since our last encounter. You appear to have matured as a person, and your imagination and writing skill seems to have improved threefold. Your last character registration left a lot to be desired, if I'm completely honest, but this new, improved, and entirely new character is a step in the right direction.

As such, your application has been:


Fon Sen Fan -WIP- AiharaSig2copy
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Fon Sen Fan -WIP-
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