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 A Raining and Sad Day?

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PostSubject: A Raining and Sad Day?   Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:03 am

A day without him again. This was something that started to turn out to be a normal thing for this man. He was always with him, but it seemed as of lately it was just him alone. It was not his best friend's fault for being away, but that of his parents. He was told to go to away for a week or else they would have sent him away for a long period of time.

He was okay for now as there was a lot of things that he was able to do by himself. That was something this man though. Of course he was greatly mistaken. He had skated all over the city, but there was nothing that he wanted to do today. The skate park where he went to train at was a place he did not want to go today. Sora was not in a mood for it today.

Still he had a whole day to waste, but he did not know how he was going to spend his day. After skating awhile the man with the blue eyes and the crown tattoo to his right cheek ended up around his old high school. This place had brought back many memories which mainly included him and Aki fighting a bunch of hoodlums and getting into trouble.

Sora would get a slap on the rest most of the time while Aki would usually get the full punishment. It was how Sora was able to keep his grade up and not have a bunch of teachers hate him. The storm rider was jamming to his music as he skated on the roof top and soon ended up on the roof top of his old high school. This was where he and Aki had first started skating at.

The rider stopped moving as he noticed something was different with the weather. Sora did not noticed when this happen, but it sure did. It was raining now as it was pouring all on the man. He was glad that his head phones were water proof, so there was nothing he needed to worry about. He was not in a rush to leave home either, so he sat down against the gate on the roof top.

They had these gates, so nobody on the roof did not "accidentally" fall of it. Sora just sat there looking like his was mindless, but he was just thinking about the past and how it brought him to the life he had today. Was there really nothing he could do in this city today, or was something about to happen that would have a change of even in Sora's life.
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PostSubject: Re: A Raining and Sad Day?   Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:59 am

Aki stood high above his friend on a higher section of the roof. He had watched his friend climbed onto the roof of the building via is A-Ts. It had started raining when he followed him up onto the roof. He had been able to come back early after telling his parents that he didn't need their permission to live his own life. That lead to hours of arguing between him and his parents but in the end they caved in and accepted the fact that Aki and Q would never be able to be separated until Aki himself learned to live again without Q's help. Now here he was on top of the roof staring at his friend whom didn't know Aki was watching him. Right now he was was wearing his Nemesis Q clothing. He decided to have a little fun with his friend and get him back for the seran wrap prank that Sora had pulled on him the week before he left. He turned on all his alternators and felt his road. He then cast an illusion on the building. A series of lightning bolts, all illusionary, would strike around Sora leaving damage to the building, also illusionary. The lightning would chase him around the room up towards the upper section of the roof that Nemesis Q was sitting, waiting on him.
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A Raining and Sad Day?
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