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 Destiny Road-WIP(going through some editing)

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PostSubject: Destiny Road-WIP(going through some editing)   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:50 am

Road Name: Destiny Road

Details: Destiny Road- A regalia that uses illusions to attack the opponent using the one thing many fear, and that is death, using the friction of the AT's and using the same component as a tuning fork. To activate the regalia, it takes a large amount of frictions to create the illusion, to created the illusion, the wheels go into different directions, though they have go straight back to the original direction, so to make it simple than what I just said, which would be very confusing right now, is that the directions go in opposite ways of each other, so she has to stay in one place in order for this to work, but if she's hit or what not, then the ability will not take affect what-so-ever, it takes time for it to activate fully. The illusions themselves are different two forms, one that uses laughter while the other uses screaming, the first illusion many see(everyone sees actually) is an Angel, the other is a Grim Reaper(or in this case to some a demon), these illusions are used to either strike fear or considered be used to tell that they are friendly, the Angel of course symbolizing that it's not there to harm a person, while the Grim Reaper is used to symbolize that it's there to give a warning sign that Roukostu might attack, again, these are not used for attacking, but used for symbolizations.

The attacks used though are a different story, because Roukostu has surgical implants of attachments for chains and hooks to be on, these are her primary weapon that has been wired into her nerve system along her spine, the chains are not connected directly for safty measures, but the wire itself is connect to the spin, giving the impression that the chains move on their own. The thing about the chains is that it has only one weak point, that is being pulled off of her, if that were to happen, it would create a large amount of blood loss if not stopped. Another feature that this has is the knives on the sides of the AT's, these are used when she cannot use her chains, and only used then. To put a simple understand of the AT's uses, it uses heat created from friction and the sound waves that are used by the AT's to create a simple illusion while the attack comes from the illusion maker themselves, the user than uses either the chains with hooks or the knives to attack and even immbolize their opponent, which is what it's stictly used for, and nothing else, Roukostu doesn't go as far as killing the opponent like some other would if they had their hands on these AT's and regalia.

Difference: The difference about these AT's is the fact that it uses both friction and sound in order for it to be used the way it's been used, not only that is the chains and hooks themselves, mostly people would place them somewhere on the AT's, but the user themself places the chains on their own bodies, causing immense pain to themselves at first or even afterword if the chains are pulled off to the point of continous massive bleeding.
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Destiny Road-WIP(going through some editing)
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