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 History Lesson Two: The Aftermath

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Aihara Kanezane
Fang King
Aihara Kanezane

Team/Position : Leader of The Order; Sleeping Forest's Waiting Deputy
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PostSubject: History Lesson Two: The Aftermath   Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:37 am

History Lesson Two:
The Aftermath

This thread will detail the history of the Sumeru Region's AT world.
It is not for spam, flaming or posting of any kind.

History tells us proudly that our heritage was no accident, that we are the way we are due
to an unlikely chain of events that lead up to the present day. Sacrifices are made, lives
lost in the least desirable of ways, and eventually you end up standing in a classroom
reading your essay to another 15 students in an all-out war for a gold star.

But history often forgets the hidden wars. Who knows about the countless attempts made on
high-ranking officials' lives on a day-to-day basis? Only the people who protect them. The
world is filled with people who protect people from the shadows, even without them knowing.
In the Aftermath of the Great War, Sleeping Forest were hailed as heroes by the very people
they had been fighting against.

Who were the casualties of the War? Surely Sleeping Forest, whose numbers had decreased
so much during the many smaller battles, but even more so the Kings of Kirrah, whose futures
had been shaped by their masters. Maybe the smaller teams could be counted as casualties;
of the dozen teams of the Kings of Sleeping Forest, only a few still had their leaders, and very
few still had members.

One casualty remained. Sleeping Forest held one victim higher that any other, just one person.
The person who they prayed for had helped turn the tables in the final battle, and had given
them the upper hand in the Battle in the Sky. The young Thorn Queen, a young girl with profoundly
amazing abilities, had disappeared after her accidental destruction of the Trophaeum and
most people within it.

Kirrah had fallen. Sleeping Forest had retained their titles and the Sky Regalia. But they had
lost many warriors in the process, and the Great War would be remembered for a long time.

But perhaps not long enough. How soon would it be before another maniac took on the now-
diminished powers of Sleeping Forest? And how much would it take to stop them?
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History Lesson Two: The Aftermath
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